Alberta Condominium Property Act

Dr. June A. Donaldson DISCLAIMER: I am a non-conflicted VOLUNTEER Alberta condo owner advocate and I am not a lawyer.  All information provided on this site or in any other of my Alberta Condo Network documents or activities is based on my personal opinions, experiences, observations and current knowledge that comes from nearly 40 years of condo ownership, condo living, condo landlady, condo board member and condo board president experiences.  My information is for information purposes only and it is not to be considered as legal, or any other kind of, advice.  I do not claim to be a lawyer OR condominium  law expert OR to act for all condo owners OR to identify all topics of concern to condo owners.  I am not responsible for how my work or opinions are interpreted or acted upon by others. Obscene, offensive or threatening communications will either be ignored or reported.  Participants may unsubscribe from my website, email list or work at any time.   Please see the DISCLAIMER tab for a more detailed description of my Disclaimer. 

​​Last, the NDP Government, through their Open Government Initiative, wants to "increase citizen access to government information and data, as well as facilitate better conversations with, and increase engagement between, citizens, stakeholders and government".  I support that concept, in particular, on how it applies to improving condominium legislation to benefit Alberta condo owners.  END​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT) website.  We are a grassroots, informal group of non-conflicted Alberta condominium owners who have worked for years to lessen the imbalance of power that exists between condo industry insiders, and that includes condo boards, AGAINST condo owners and have Service Alberta make their work-in-progress, soon-to-be-proclaimed, condominium legislation more inclusive, fair, and balanced to those of us who:

          pay all the condo complex bills:  contribute to the pay, perks and pensions of condo managers, lawyers and other condo industry insiders: 

          are the economic engine behind ALL condo industry successes AND who are the single largest stakeholder group of all condo related

          stakeholder groups in Alberta.  

For years we have met with Service Alberta, exchanged no end of correspondence, made multiple appeals to have our "Improvement Ideas" that address many existing shortcomings and loopholes in the legislation either included in existing or new legislation, been sent a multitude of form letters,  held condo owner open houses paid for on our dime, watched Service Alberta and the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) conduct token, misleading open houses and surveys; created unsuccessful petitions to be authentically heard and included, experienced Service Alberta spending thousands of our tax dollars in irresponsible and reckless ways, and the list goes on.

Recently we learned that we should have saved our time, money, energy, resources, talent, and honourable intentions.  We know now that everything we have done since the NDP was elected was undermined, discredited, and dismissed by Service Alberta years ago.  They "played" us.  The Ministers, Service Alberta bureaucrats, and their staff didn't have what it takes to come clean.  The didn't have the integrity and courage to directly tell us that they were not willing to address the many blatant shortcomings and loopholes in their legislation - situations that benefits condo industry insiders in enabling them to defend their POWER over condo owners; their PRIVACY to do backroom "deals"; and their PROFITS made on the financial backs of Alberta condominium owners.

But ... now we know!  Our initial Plan A was to do a direct mail campaign, but ouch!  That is expensive.  Right now we don't have the money to do that.  That means we are moving to Plan B, while we save money for Plan A.  Our Plan B is to release a YouTube video identifying how you, as an Alberta condo owner, could be negatively affected with Service Alberta's soon to be proclaimed legislation:  legislation that we see as incomplete, punishing, and costly to Alberta condo owners .

You can be the judge as to who is looking after your best interests as a non-conflicted Alberta condominium owner.   

We see condominium legislation as a non-partisan issue.  Why wouldn't EVERY elected representative, no matter the party, not want equitable condo legislation for all Canadians who have invested in this expansive, and expanding, government and industry driven housing option?   

It appears Governments, and condo industry insiders, are on a run away trying to legislate control over condo owners.  For example, in Alberta we could end up being governed by FOUR (4) sets of laws:  The Condominium Property Amendment Act, 2014; the Regulations that support the Act; the condo bylaws (that could number as high as 99 {or more}) and ... and here comes the really scary part ... the "Rules" and "Fines" which we understand at the present time can be arbitrarily generated (with no owner involvement or agreement) by an unlicensed, unregulated, untrained in condo board governance, sometimes ill informed, self-serving, unethical group of VOLUNTEERS who manage our multi-million dollar investments!  

(To all of the "good" board members reading this, please don't be offended by the above statement.  If all condo boards operated as you are, this website, and our work, wouldn't be necessary.)

In Alberta, we are going to do all possible to prevent our condo complexes from facing condominium board abandonment; corporation bankruptcy, or becoming the new slums of Canada due to weak legislation, lack of elected representative accountability, and condo corporation mismanagement.


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THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest and financial support of our condo owner advocacy work.   To be continued ....

Sincerely, June A. Donaldson, (MBA, EdD, Mediator/Arbitrator, Business Consultant, Mentor, Best-Selling Emotional Intelligence author), 

UNPAID, VOLUNTEER Alberta Condo Owner Advocate:  Founder of the Alberta Condo Act Team.