DISCLAIMER for:  Dr. June A. Donaldson, the www.albertacondominiums.ca website and all related Alberta Condominium Property Act, Condominium Property Amendment Act, 2014 activities:  

  1. I am not a lawyer, politician, psychologist, or condo Act expert and I do not, and will not, provide legal advice.  
  2. I am an unpaid, volunteer, self-appointed Alberta condo owner advocate who has near to 40 years of condo ownership, condo landlady, condo board and condo board president experience.
  3. The information provided in all of my offerings is based on my personal opinions, experiences, observations and current knowledge of issues and it is not to be considered as advice of any kind.
  4. My information is for "Information Purposes Only".
  5. The term "condo owner" used throughout the website , email newsletters, and videos refers to people who simply just own an Alberta condominium.  They have no formal involvement with a condo board or with any of the service providers listed in point 5.
  6. The term “service provider(s)” or "condo industry insider(s)" used throughout the website, email newsletters, and videos refers to anyone who provides a product or service to Alberta condominium owners. Examples of service providers or condo industry insiders would be: the NDP Government and Service Alberta staff, condo board members, condo managers, lawyers, developers, builders, and other condo related service providers.  
  7. I do not claim to address each and every condo issue, situation, or challenge that affects condo owners.
  8. I am not responsible for how my views or comments are interpreted, or acted upon, by others.
  9. My company and I bear no responsibility or liability for results that come from how others interpret or act on my comments, opinions, observations, or ideas for improvements or remedy of the existing Condo Act shortcomings and loopholes.
  10. Disparaging, offensive, insulting, rude or threatening comments will be ignored, reported, and/or made public.
  11. It is understood the "Improvement Ideas" presented to address existing Alberta condominium legislation shortcomings and loopholes could require discussion, compromise and legal “word smithing”, however, the intent of our material is to provide realistic, future focused, constructive ideas to

  • engage Alberta condo owners to provide feedback to Service Alberta regarding the Alberta Condominium Property Act ​
  • identify “real life” condo issues, and remedies currently causing owners distress, financial hardship, and/or the devaluation of their property values
  • establish standards to prevent the withholding of relevant condo information from owners
  • establish standards to prevent condo boards, managers, lawyers and others from doctoring our condominium documents by arbitrarily redacting information
  • lessen inconsistent application of the bylaws
  • reduce favouritism, stonewalling, shunning, bullying, harassment, and discrimination of owners
  • minimize inconsistent communication among boards, management company representatives and owners that leads to owner apathy, misunderstandings, decision delays and interpersonal conflict, to name just a few issues.
  • result in The New Act implementing business oriented best-practice standards so as to enhance protection of owners and purchasers while improving board transparency, accountability and governance
  • provide ideas on how to raise management, interpersonal and mediation standards in the condo management sector
  • lessen the “win-lose”, “us vs them”, "my way or the highway" culture that exists in some condo communities
  • raise the spirit of helpfulness and collaboration among condo boards, their service providers and owners
  • reduce conflict and shorten dispute resolution timelines
  • enhance the quality and peacefulness of condominium living along with the protection of property values and financial stability
  • be a conduit for owners, condo investors, and other interested parties to have a united voice so we are heard, and included,differently than in the past
  • lessen the potential of condominium corporations experiencing condo board abdication, potential bankruptcy, and becoming Alberta's new slums.

Last, the NDP Government, through their Open Government Initiative, said they wanted to:  "increase citizen access to government information and data, as well as facilitate better conversations with, and increase engagement between, citizens, stakeholders and government".  I am all for that concept, however, when I am set up, mislead, blindsided, and betrayed by Government, as has happened over the past seven years, I do what I am doing now which is going even more public with my concerns.  Thank you for listening and now please do what we have requested so you can help us, help you.  Thank you.