​​Welcome to the Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT), a grassroots, informal group of Alberta condominium owners who want to make cnt Service Alberta, work - in - progress, legislation more inclusive, fair and balanced to those of us who pay the bills and who are the single largest stakeholder group of all condo related stakeholder groups in Alberta.  

​                IN ADDITION TO THE INFO BELOW, ON FRIDAY SEPT. 8/17 we sent a Condo Act package, similar to the Provincial Government package,

                to the mayors and councillors of Alberta's larger cities.  It too is located in the DOCUMENTS tab above and is self-explanatory.

Here's an update on other recent activities. 

FIRST:  We see our condominium legislation as a non-partisan issue.  On September 5, 2017, we released, to ALL eighty-seven (87) elected representatives, a letter, questionnaire and list of our LATEST, EXPANDED, AND UPDATED “Improvement Ideas”.  (Please delete any previous copies of our Improvement Ideas as they no longer apply). 

It’s time for us to learn from each elected representative where they stand on our condominium Improvement Ideas.  Do they agree with them?  Do they disagree, and if so, why?  Do some need to be modified, if so, which ones?  Do they have better ideas than we do to improve this incomplete, costly and punishing to condo owners’ legislation and if so, what are those ideas?  Are they willing to take a public stand to support condo owners in their riding?  Bottom line:  Do they have our backs or don’t they?

Service Alberta has acknowledged they are working to proclaim the Alberta Condominium Property Amendment Act, 2014 into law in the coming months.  Our window of time to improve this legislation is short.  If it gets proclaimed “as is” we, as condo owners, will pay heavy prices.  If you think things are challenging now … just wait and see how ugly things could get with this proposed legislation.

SECOND:  I, and others from the Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT), attended all five (5) condo open houses.  We saw the open houses as tokenism, a tremendous waste of taxpayer money, another waste of Service Alberta time and resources, and nothing more than the Government looking for a way to say: “we consulted with Albertans”.   Now there is talk of a survey ... 

Service Alberta KNOWS what our condominium issues are:  it is time to get on with addressing those issues with courage and leadership.  We sent our comments about the open houses to Premier Rachel Notley, Minister Stephanie McLean and others.  You’ll find our correspondence to them in the DOCUMENTS tab.

THIRD:  In mid-August, 2017, we met with a senior Service Alberta representative to once again review our Improvement Ideas.  Nothing specific has evolved from that meeting.

Service Alberta KNOWS what the condo issues are.  They know because they have received extensive correspondence from us, and other distressed condo owners, for years.  That said, we understand if Service Alberta is hesitant to offend the condo industry by implementing ideas that could lessen industry power, privacy and profitability ... but that doesn't make it right.

It's time for courage and leadership from Service Alberta.  We deserve to see the Regulations (that are related to the Amendments) so we can provide feedback on how we are going to be governed in the future because consider this ... the Regulations are only ONE set of rules that will govern us for years, if not decades.  

In total, we could be governed by FOUR (4) sets of laws:  The Condominium Property Amendment Act, 2014; the Regulations that support the Act; the condo bylaws (that could number as high as 99 {or more}) and ... and here comes the really scary part ... the "Rules" and "Fines" which can be arbitrarily generated (with no owner involvement or agreement) by an unlicensed, unregulated, untrained in condo board governance, sometimes ill informed group of VOLUNTEERS who manage our multi-million dollar investments!  (Even writing that out scares me!) 

We are going to do all possible to prevent our condo complexes from facing condominium board abandonment; potential corporation bankruptcy, or our condo complexes becoming the new slums of Alberta due to weak legislation and mismanagement on many levels.


1.  To learn more about our non-conflicted, volunteer, advocacy work register your name below and join up with us to ensure:

If you're curious about the Improvement Ideas we want incorporated in the Regulations .... my YOUTUBE videos represents 20-25 videos that discuss necessary updates (and the list has grown since doing those videos).  Here's the link to the first video: an Introduction and Disclaimer by me, Dr. June Donaldson. 17.21 minutes, released March 14/16, https://youtu.be/JVsl2nO8FQo

2.  If you haven’t yet contributed to our Go Fund Me page and you are finding any value from the work we do, please make a donation.  Your money, and our work, is needed at this critical time to keep the pressure on this Government to do the right and honourable thing by tens of thousands of Alberta condo owners, their families and their finances.  Once our  mission is accomplished any remaining money will be split 50/50 between the Veteran's Food Bank and the Alberta SPCA.  NO team member volunteer is paid a wage.  Here's a YOUTUBE link to my video appeal:


https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=8bnA30TYm_M  AND the link to the donation site:   https://www.gofundme.com/albertacondoactteam

BOTTOM LINE:   I, and my valued core team of volunteers, will do the work if you help pay the bills!  

3.   Next, please sign our petition to Premier Notley to have us included in the Regulation  development:  


You don't have to own a condo to sign the petition:  you only have to want ethical, fair and balanced legislation.  Don't think your letter won't matter because it will.  There are a lot of votes in Alberta condoland.  The more letters to Government the better as it helps increase ​our position with Government:  the ONLY entity that can make meaningful improvements in condo legislation.

4.  If you have condo nightmares, document them to Premier Rachel Notley, Service Alberta Minister Stephanie McLean,  your MLA and 

and copy me at info@albertacondominiums.ca.  Their contact information is in the DOCUMENTS tab.   It's simple:   if we don't tell Government about our real life, front line condo issues, worries or nightmares and have involvement in forthcoming Regulations then we'll have no one to blame but ourselves when forthcoming condo legislation and the condo dispute tribunal favours everyone but us!

5.  Questions?  Send to: info@albertacondominiums.ca.   

THANK YOU SO MUCH and to be continued ....

Sincerely, June A. Donaldson, (MBA, EdD, Mediator/Arbitrator, Coach, Consultant, Best-Selling Emotional Intelligence author), 

UNPAID, VOLUNTEER Alberta Condo Owner Advocate:  Founder of the Alberta Condo Act Team.

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Dr. June A. Donaldson DISCLAIMER: I am a non-conflicted VOLUNTEER Alberta condo owner advocate and I am not a lawyer.  All information provided on this site or in any other of my Alberta Condo Network documents or activities is based on my personal opinions, experiences, observations and current knowledge that comes from nearly 40 years of condo ownership, condo living, condo landlady, condo board member and condo board president experiences.  My information is for information purposes only and it is not to be considered as legal, or any other kind of, advice.  I do not claim to be a lawyer OR condominium  law expert OR to act for all condo owners OR to identify all topics of concern to condo owners.  I am not responsible for how my work or opinions are interpreted or acted upon by others. Obscene, offensive or threatening communications will either be ignored or reported.  Participants may unsubscribe from my website, email list or work at any time.   Please see the DISCLAIMER tab for more detail. 

​​Last, the NDP Government, through their Open Government Initiative, wants to "increase citizen access to government information and data, as well as facilitate better conversations with, and increase engagement between, citizens, stakeholders and government".  I support that concept, in particular, on how it applies to improving condominium legislation to benefit Alberta condo owners.  END​