(MBA, EdD, Mediator/Arbitrator,

Founder: Alberta Condo Ownership Network)?

I'm like many of you:  a hard working condo owner of nearly

forty (40) years who currently lives in a condo; is a condo landlady

and is one who has been  on many condo boards as a member

and board president.

I'm going public with my "nightmare" condo stories and even

more important ... my ideas for improvement in the Alberta 

Condominium Property Act/Bill 9 and its supporting Regulations

(now under development) even though I know some service providers

like condo boards, condo managers and their lawyers might not want to hear what I am going to say. 

As an aside, in my non-condo life, I am a best-selling emotional intelligence author; a mediator and arbitrator; and a seasoned business person (www.emotionalsmarts.com  and www.drjunedonaldson.com).  I have worked internationally with major organizations on numerous change, personal and professional development initiatives.  That means I KNOW the process to be used when undertaking a major change initiative such as revising the Alberta Condominium Act.

It is imperative ALL stakeholder groups are consistently included in a change initiative, treated fairly and that the final result is above suspicion, credible and as mututally beneficial as possible.


For that reason, since 2009 I have worked as a condo Owner Advocate volunteer because the reality is that once the Condo Act is formally legislated it will be in effect for years, if not decades.  In its present state, it is a damaging document.  Why?  Because it will result in extensive condo conflict; broken relationships; unnecessary stress and anxiety in condo living; plummeting property values and a negative impact on one's financial stability.

Why am I taking this issue on?  Because when I had my condo "nightmares", there was no where to go; no one to tell; no way to have the issue addressed in a timely, cost effective way.  It left me feeling blindsided, helpless, hopeless, frustrated and tremendously disappointed how I had invested my hard earned money.

Prior to the Sept. 17, 2014 AB Throne Speech, I submitted to many PC members a number of improvement ideas for the Act.  Nothing specific appears to have taken place with regard to my ideas.  As a result, I decided to reach out to condo owners, potential investors and others so we can band together and be heard in a significant way on "real life" issues that must be addressed in the Act.

To wrap up, like I said:  I am like many of you.  I've done a lot of good work; live a low-key life; do my best to follow the rules; pay my bills on time; take responsibility for my pet and guest behaviours; and I’m respectful to my neighbours. 

  • Do I ask questions of the board and condo manager when their decisions, published or non-published information appears scant, vague, false or unjustified?  YES.

  • Do I expect timely, helpful and accurate responses from the board, condo manager and other service providers when I ask condo related questions on one of the most significant investments of my lifetime?  YES.

  • Do I expect to be ignored, stonewalled,  snubbed, undermined, marginalized, insulted or otherwise penalized by Service Alberta, the condo board or condo manager for doing so?  NO.

Only by going public, at this critical time of the Act/Bill 9 being revised, can I play a role in hopefully preventing what has happened to me, from happening to you AND be a conduit between owners and our new government.  Help us help you!


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2.  READ the 15 Point Plan located in DOCUMENTS in the above tab.  It will identify my ideas for improvement in the Condo Act/Bill 9 (and there could be more but this is a good start).

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